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    1. 1. Requirements

    Requirements for a Setup Application for our IoT devices.


    1. Provisioning: to connect the ESP8266 Module to the wifi network(Router) There are several options and we are checking 2 of them(UDP frames could be used here):
      1. Connecting to ESP8266 via AP mode(Access Point): App should then display a list of available Wifi networks available. The user should then choose his network and enter the password. The ESP8266 will then use the SSID and password and switch to Station mode to connect to the Wifi network
      2. Connecting to the ESP8266 using ESPtouch: An app is already provided from Espressif to connect the Esp8266 to the Wifi network and we could use the source code as a basis for our App with our own GUI
    2. The App should then display all our Wifi modules available(Each has its own IP). The user could then select any of the modules and configure it by selecting some options or entering some parameters(data will be sent here to the ESP8266 via TCP/IP or UDP Frames)
    3. OTA(Over The Air) Update(This is still in discussion and might be done directly from the ESP8266 without the App): To download files and send it to the Module for updating its software
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