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picoBlaze Flash Programmer

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    1. 1. Introduction


    Xilinx published a picoBlaze based „PicoBlaze RS-232 StrataFlash Programmer” for their Spartan-3E 1600E MicroBlaze Development Board, written by Ken Chapman.

    The original project is available here:

    With very little changes this code can also be used to program the onboard flash memory of the Zefant FPGA modules.

    Very much like our original Microblaze based “Serial Flash Programmer” it is a configuration of the FPGA which is controlled by a PC running a terminal program and connected to the hardware over RS232.

    The adapted code for all Zefant modules is available here:

    The complete documentation for this project is currently only available in a (somewhat outdated) PDF here:

    It shall be moved into this wiki article at some time. If someone likes to do it, feel free to do so anytime - simply contribute!

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