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    Domain owner and responsible for the content

    This Site is currently run in exclusive responsibility by

    Simple Solutions
    Stephan Schirrmann
    Alleenstr. 18
    D-73230 Kirchheim/Teck

    Contact addresses can be viewed here.


    Links to non-"Simple Solutions" entities are not under the control of Simple Solutions, and are provided for the convenience of our customers. They do not, in any way, constitute an endorsement of the linked pages or any commercial or private issues or products presented there. We cannot make any warranty or representation concerning the content of these sites, or secondary sites from the pages to which they link.

    Due to a decision a german court we also have to put the following text here, which applies to germany only:

    Mit Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 (312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links") hat das Landgericht Hamburg entschieden, dass man durch die Ausbringung eines Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf. mit zu verantworten hat. Dies kann, so das Landgericht, nur durch eine ausdrückliche Distanzierung von deren Inhalten verhindert werden.

    Daher distanzieren wir uns hiermit ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten Seiten auf unserer Homepage und machen uns diese Inhalte nicht zu eigen. Diese Erklärung gilt für alle auf dieser Website angebrachten Links.


    All rights reserved. This website is protected by the german copyright laws.

    Liability exclusion

    The informations contained on this website have been accurately checked and are updated regularly. But we cannot guarantee that all statements are complete, correct and up-to-date at any time. This applies especially to the hyperlinks to other web pages. All informations can be changed, removed or amended without prior notice.


    All company and product names, product identifiers and logos are trademarks of the respective owners.


    Our WEEE-Reg.-Nr. is DE 46381021
    Our USt-IdNr. is DE220106171  

    System und Browser recommendations

    We paid attention that this website can be viewed with all current nameable web browsers. HTML4, CSS und JavaScript are presumed to view the pages correctly. The pages have been tested on MSIE version 5 and later (>5.5 is best), Netscape V4.72 and later, Opera V5 and the latest versions of Linux Konqueror. A screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher is recommended. If you have problems in displaying a page, please contact the webmaster.

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