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Page last modified 13:32, 11 Apr 2011 by stephan

11.4.2011: Arcaze USB V5.41 for Windows 7

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    A new Arcaze Release 5.41 is available here for download.

    There was an annoying bug in V5.4, which caused the ArcazeConfig tool to have problems accessing a configuration file on some Windows7 systems when the user was a standard user and not an admin. This is now fixed in V5.41. Both, firmware update and configuration of the module should now be supported on any Win7 and Vista system again. It has been tested on Win7-32 Pro and Win7-64 Home.

    There are no new functions in this release. If you had problems with Windows7 before, then do the update. If you could use it before, an update will make no difference for you.

    Next steps: Shortly V5.42 will arrive with the long awaited localizations for international users. Somewhat later V5.5 will arrive, supporting joystick coolie hats and the serial LED driver boards.

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