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Page last modified 21:30, 22 Oct 2010 by stephan

21.1.2010: Arcaze USB V5.21 available

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    A new Version 5.21 with additional functions is available for download here!

    Teh new functionality will open up completely new possibilities, like controlling LEDs and displays from MAME frontends and flight simulators.

    In specific, the most important news are:

    Mouse simulation
    A new interface type has been added for simulation of a standard USB wheel mouse. For now digital inputs and incremental encoders are supported and simulated are the mouse buttons, the axis and the scroll wheel.

    Arcaze SDK with Arcaze DLL
    This is the biggest change in this version. The Arcaze can now be completely remote controlled from the PC. All ports can be set and read through a DLL from your own applications, configurations can be selected remotely and much much more.

    Now the Arcaze is not only the maybe most versatile and powerful keyboard/gamepad/mouse simulator, but also a completely freely programmable USB I/O module with many new applications.

    For example you could attach LEDs to the ports angeschlossen and create your light show, use the "Arcaze Power Driver" module to attach larger loads like motors, lamps, ventilators und an much more.

    We will try to demonstrate the size of the new freedom in as many applications as possible. If you're missing one, let us know.

    All functionality is available to the user in a C#-DLL, which is already installed after setup of the new V5.21. A dokumentation for the SDK/DLL can be found here.

    ArcazeRC - Arcaze Remote Control
    "The Arcaze SDK non-programmers"! ArcazeRC provides the major functions of the Arcaze SDK in a command line tool. WIthout programming a line of C code, you can control all I/O functionality with simple command line instructions from the shell, batch files or from inside other applications like frontends. A documentation is available here

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