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    IMG_0318.JPGConnect any pushbutton, joysticks and other input devices to your PC through USB! Control applications and games with your own buttons, switches, joysticks incremental encoders, potentiometers, and many more - without needing any additional drivers!


    • no drivers required
    • convenient configuration software available for MS Windows
    • Assignment of each input functionality is freely configurable
    • Each input can be assigned to to any keyboard and/or gamepad functionality (also simultaneously)
    • 40 inputs on each module (=> up to 40 buttons/switches or 20 incremental encoders simultaneously)
    • Up to 6 analoge inputs simultaneously (potentiometers, analog voltages)
    • Multiple modules can be used simultaneously to increase number of inputs
    • One module simulates up to 5 USB-Devices simultaneously (i.e. keyboards or gamepads)
    • You can assign simple key strokes to any input but also complete macros of many keystrokes, for example to trigger multiple actions consecutively.
    • Macro speed can be set freely
    • Macros can be triggered on level, rising or falling edge of input signal (=> triggering different functions for pushing and releasing a switch is possible)
    • All inputs are direct inputs, no matrix
    • No ghosting
    • Firmware update is easily possible
    • Incremental encoders are supported (standard 2 bit quadrature signal), signals can be converted into keyboards strokes
    • Analog signls supported, 6 analogen inputs available (i.e. for potentiometer), simulates an analog gamepad
    • Compatible with all operating systems that support USB keyboards or gamepads


    • Arcade systems like MAME or other emulators
    • Front panels für PC based test systems
    • PC based industrial controllers
    • Flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator
    • Bulding of any PC based appliances with non-standard user interface





    The available possibilities depend on your operating system. The basic functions are available on any current PC with USB port. For reconfiguration and firmware updates there are some prerequisites as shown in the table: 

    Microsoft Windows
    Apple Macintosh
    2000 / 98 / ME All
    .Net 3.0 / 3.5 .Net 2.0
    No .Net

    Regular use (Simulation of Keyboards / Gamepads) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
    Configuration and Firmware Update YES YES YES soon* sonn * no no no

    *soon again compatible with .Net 2.0 (and higher) (Cause: Linq support)

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