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FPGA Modules

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    Have you ever designed an FPGA based system? Then you might already have experienced, that the design effort for the FPGA core system can be a lot higher than that of the application specific part.

    As a solution we provide our "Zefant" family of modern FPGA modules. You can use them in your products for prototyping or evaluation. In any case the modules contain all important elements of a basic FPGA system. So you can focus on your application instead of re-inventing the wheel.


    Currently there are 4 families of "Zefant" FPGA modules:

    Zefant LC3E




    Zefant LC3E

    The "Zefant LC3E" modules are setting new patterns in the entry segment below 100 EUR. They offer most of the advantages of the larger modules, but can be plugged directly into standard breadboard PCBs, no high density connectors are required. Additionally they are particularly economically priced. They are based on Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGAs with 100,000 or 250,000 system gates and do also include power supply, SRAM and flash memory.

    Click here for more informations on Zefant-LC3E.


    Small is beautiful! If you're seeking for the smallest FPGA modules available with Xilinx FPGAs, then "Zefant-nano" will be your choice. The modules are shrinked to the absolute minimum footprint while not ranking behind other modules in any aspect.

    Spartan-3E and Virtex-4 based alternatives are available. In addition to the FPGA there is Flash Memory, RAM, CPLD, efficient SMPS with wide input voltage range and more hardware is included on the tiny modules.

    The modules are stackable and can be combined with Zemu-nano microcontroller modules.

    Click here for more informations on Zefant-nano.


    The "Zefant XS3" modules are versatile credit card sized FPGA systems. They are based on Xilinx Spartan3-FPGAs with 400.000 to 1.5M system gates. On the 8-layer PCB they offer a SODIMM socket for standard SDRAM modules or custom memory modules like our SRAM module. Further on there is flash memory, boot PROM, CPLD and a powerful SMPS integrated on the module.

    The modules are characterized by the high number of freely availably I/Os and the small footprint of only 85x55mm (3.35x2.17"). By stacking multiple modules, logic resources can be scaled easily without increasing footprint area.

    Click here for more informations on Zefant-XS3.

    In addition to the modules baseboards, test adapters, memory modules and more accessories are available.


    The "Zefant-DDR" will be the new flagship our FPGA modules. The original Zefant-DDR was based on Spartan-3, the new one will be available in versione with Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 FPGAs. Its dimensions of 85x82mm are still very compact.

    If you require high clock rates or extraordinarily many I/Os, this is your module. It features an uncompromised design, it's focused on high speed designs, all signals are impedance and length matched. On the HF connectors more than 300 freely usable I/Os are available.

    Along with the FPGA the module does also contain a Coolrunner2 CPLD, 2 flash memories, 4 high speed BTB connectors, a socket for DDR2 SDRAM uSODIMMs and a wide range input power supply.

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