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Page last modified 11:24, 30 Jun 2009 by fabio

Zefant-LC 3E

From $1


    lc3e_front_800x470.jpgThe "Zefant LC3E" modules are setting new patterns in the entry segment below 100 EUR. They offer most of the advantages of the larger modules, but can be plugged directly into standard breadboard PCBs, no high density connectors are required. Additionally they are particularly economically priced.They are based on Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGAs with 100,000 or 250,000 system gates and do also include power supply, SRAM and flash memory.


    • Spartan-3E based
    • Very economcally priced
    • 100k - 250k System Gates
    • 4MBit onboard PSRAM
    • 32MBit onboard Flash Memory


    FPGA Spartan3E-100
    Speed Grade 4
    RAM 4MBit / 8Bit
    Flash 32MBit / 8Bit
    (StrataFlash compatible)
    FPGA Configuration Source JTAG, Parallel Flash
    Connectors 3x Standard 2.54mm Headers or Receptables
    User Interface 4 DIP switches (incl. Mode Pins)
    2 pushbuttons
    3 LEDs (incl. DONE)
    Integrated Power Supply Input: 4...10V
    Output: SMPS: 1.2V/3A, LDO: 3.3V/1A, 2.5V
    External I/Os Free I/Os: 55
    Shared with Memory Bus: 32 (*)
    Mechanical Dimensions 100 x 58mm
    Order Number ZLC3E-0100 ZLC3E-0250

    (*) The shared external I/Os can either be used as a memory bus (together with the SRAM and Flash) or as free I/Os (if RAM/Flash are disabled).


    • JTAG Parallel Cable
    • JTAG USB Cable
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    Zefant LC3E Top Side
    188.62 kB05:26, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
     Zefant-LC3E Dimensions.pdf
    Zefant LC3E Mechanical Dimensions
    73.06 kB05:26, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
     Zefant-LC3E Pinout.pdf
    Zefant LC3E Pinout
    41.67 kB05:26, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
    Zefant LC3E Bottom Side
    200.19 kB05:32, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
    Zefant LC3E Bottom Side
    216.62 kB05:32, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
    Zefant LC3E Top Side
    161.95 kB05:32, 15 Feb 2009stephanActions
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