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    zxs3_module_top_800x513.jpgThe "Zefant XS3" modules are versatile credit card sized FPGA systems. They are based on Xilinx Spartan3-FPGAs with 400.000 to 1.5M system gates. On the 8-layer PCB they offer a SODIMM socket for standard SDRAM modules or custom memory modules like our SRAM module. Further on there is flash memory, boot PROM, CPLD and a powerful SMPS integrated on the module.The modules are characterized by the high number of freely availably I/Os and the small footprint of only 85x55mm (3.35x2.17"). By stacking multiple modules, logic resources can be scaled easily without increasing footprint area.In addition to the modules we offer baseboards, test adapters, memory modules and more accessories.


    • Highly versatile FPGA module - containing all components of a basic FPGA system
    • Scales with application - from 400.000 to 1.5 million system gates, without a footprint change
    • More than 250 external I/O available
    • Tiny footprint 85 x 55 mm
    • Stackable - Multiple stacked modules integrate smoothly into JTAG chain, power supply and I/O pins
    • Only a single power supply required (4-6V)
    • 3A DC/DC-Converters - high power and efficiency, overcurrent protected
    • 5V-tolerant I/Os - provided by Coolrunner-CPLD
    • Compatible with SODIMM memory modules
    • Evaluation baseboard available

    Technical Data

    Order Number ZXS3-0400 ZXS3-1000 ZXS3-1500 ZXS3-2000
    FPGA Spartan3-400
    Speed Grade 4 5
    CPLD Coolrunner XCR3128XL
    (CS144 package)

    RAM SODIMM module
    SDRAM or application specific
    Parallel Flash
    32MBit StrataFlash 128MBit StrataFlash
    Xilinx Platform Flash
    XCF04S -
    Config FPGA from JTAG, XCF04S, StrataFlash, Custom SelectMAP
    JTAG, StrataFlash, Custom SelectMAP
    Connectors 8x Hirose FX8C
    1x SODIMM socket
     User Interface 2 DIP switches
    2 pushbuttons
    2 LEDs

     Integrated Power Supply 3.3V / 3A SMPS
    1.2V / 3A SMPS
    2.5V / 0.2A LDO
     External I/Os
    • FPGA: 200
      • 97 top/bottom
      •  2 top
      •  2 bottom
      • 99 bottom shared
    • CPLD: 24
      • 16 top/bottom
      • 8 top
      • 8 bottom

    • FPGA: 252
      • 97 top/bottom
      • 28 top
      • 28 bottom
      • 99 bottom shared
    • CPLD: 24
      • 16 top/bottom
      • 8 top
      • 8 bottom
    Mechanical Dimensions
     85 x 55mm





    • 128 MByte (64Bit wide) SDRAM Module
    • 1 MByte (32Bit wide) SRAM Module
    • TopDown Baseboard V2.0
    • XS3 Multimedia Basboard
    • XS3 Test Adapter
    • Power Supply Cable
    • JTAG Parallel Cable
    • JTAG USB Cable

    Ordering Information


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