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    There are 2 generations of Zefant-nano FPGA modules:

    Product Photo available FPGAs I/O Connectors RAM Flash
    Zefant-nano S6-FTG256 Zefant-nano S6-FTG256_200.jpg Spartan-6 LX9
    Spartan-6 LX16
    Spartan-6 LX25
    2x Hirose FX10A (100 Pin) - Serial Flash
    Zefant-nano S6-CSG484 Zefant-nano S6-CSG484_200.jpg Spartan-6 LX45
    Spartan-6 LX75
    Spartan-6 LX100
    Spartan-6 LX150
    2x Hirose FX10A (100 Pin) DDR3 SDRAM Serial Flash
    Zefant-nano 3E Zefant-nano_DC 3D 200.jpg Spartan-3E 500
    Spartan-3E 1200
    1x/2x Hirose FX10A (80 Pin) PSRAM StrataFlash
    Zefant-nano V4 Zefant-nanoV4 3D top 200.jpg Virtex-4 FX12
    Virtex-4 LX25
    2x Hirose FX10A (100 Pin)

    2x Hirose FX10A / 80Pin
    for backwards compatibility
    DDR2 SDRAM Serial Flash

    Please select the desired module family.

    Both module families are pin compatible, if occupied with the same 80 pin connectors. But the 2x100 Pin pinout will be preferred in the future, if you want to benefit from all features of the new modules, we recommend using this footprint. For a while all products will stay backwards compatible with the 80 pin footprint, which is a subset of the 100 pin footprint.

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