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Page last modified 15:08, 10 Aug 2011 by stephan

Zefant-nano (Virtex 4)

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    Zefant-nanoV4 3D.jpgThis is our best Zefant-nano FPGA module so far. On less than 5x4cm you get a complete high end Virtex based FPGA solution. It contains Virtex-4 FX or LX FPGA, DDR2 memory, flash memory, wide range power supply and much more on a high end impedance controlled 12 layer PCB. You only need a single power supply (5...12V) to run the module, everything else is already integrated.

    Compared to the old nano-3E modules additional pins are available (100 pins per connector instead of 80), but the old connectors can optionally be occupied as well for backwards compatibility. With the new connectors the pinout has been improved a lot, more free I/Os, more differential pairs and additional physical layer pins.

    The module can be used together with the Zemu-nano Microcontroller modules, they fit on top of the module. The first "nano Universal Baseboard" is already prepared for the use of a stack of these modules as well. 



    • Stamp sized - extremely small footprint
    • Virtex-4 FX / LX based
    • 1GBit (128MByte) onboard DDR2 SDRAM 32bits wide
    • 64MBit onboard Flash Memory
    • Coolrunner 2 for configuration
    • Integrated wide range single voltage power supply
    • Stackable
    • Improved pinout and larger connectors, more I/Os, more differential pairs
    • nearly all I/Os are differential pairs
    • impedance controlled 12 layer PCB
    • optionally the old 80 pin connectors can be occupied for backwards compatibility
    • up to 3 I/O voltages available (2 externally supplied)
    • compatible with Zemu ARM7/ARM9 modules
    • wide range power supply onboard
    • Evaluation Baseboards available

    Block Diagram




    Technical Data

    Order Number ZNANO-V4FX ZNANO-V4LX
    FPGA Virtex4-FX12
    CPLD Coolrunner2
    RAM  2x 512MBit = 128MByte / 32bit
    (optional 2x 1GBit / 256MByte on special request)
    Flash 64MBit Serial Flash
    FPGA Configuration from JTAG, Serial Flash, from Baseboard through CPLD
    Oscillators, Clock Standard: 100MHz
    additional second oscillator on request
    multiple external clock inputs available
    Connectors 4x Hirose FX10A / 100pin
    User Interface 1 pushbutton
    3 LEDs
    misc. solder bridges
    Integrated Power Supply 3 DC/DC converters: 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.3V
    2 LDOs: 0.9V, 2.5V
    External I/O

    152 free I/Os:
    "North" connector: 74 I/Os, 34 diff. pairs
    "South" connector: 78 I/Os (8 shared with CPLD), 35 diff. pairs (31 without stubs)

    I/O voltages 2 externally supplied bank voltages plus 3.3V can be used simultaneously
    Mechanical Dimensions 49 x 39mm
    Stacking Height 5mm
    Power Supply Voltage Range 4 ... 15V
    Power Dissipation Minimal Design: 0.5W
    DDR2 Controller Example Design w/ full termination: 2.2W


    • Power Supply Cable
    • JTAG Parallel Cable
    • JTAG USB Cable
    • nano Universal Baseboard
    • Zemu ARM7 nano Microcontroller Module
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    Zefant nano V4 Block Diagram
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     Zefant-nanoV4 3D top.jpg
    Zefant-nanoV4 3D top
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     Zefant-nanoV4 3D.jpg
    Zefant nano V4 FPGA Module
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    Zefant nano V4 on nano Universal Baseboard
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     Zefant-nanoV4 Baseboard top800.jpg
    Zefant nano V4 on nano Universal Baseboard - Top view
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    Zefant-nanoV4 bottom side
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