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Page last modified 13:19, 8 Jan 2010 by stephan

ZEMU ARM7 nano

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    The "Zefant ARM7 nano" modules is one of - if not the - smallest possible solution for an ARM7 based Linux compatible microcontroller module. It already contains large Mobile SDRAM and Flash Memory onboard, as well as Ethernet Interface, Micro SD-Card Slot and many many more features - and all that on a 44x41mm footprint!



    • LPC2478 ARM7 Microcontroller
    • TFT Display Controller
    • 16 MByte Mobile SDRAM
    • 8 MByte Flash
    • Micro SD-Card Slot
    • Ethernet Interface
    • 2x USB Interface (Host and Device)
    • Wide Range Power Supply
    • Buffered external Memory Bus
    • Additional Interfaces: RS232, CAN, I2C, SPI
    • Pin compatible to FPGA-Module-Nano

    Technical Data

    Microcontroller NXP LPC2478
    Architecture ARM7
    RAM 96kByte Internal SRAM
    16MByte Mobile SDRAM
    Flash 512 kByte Internal Flash
    8MByte Serial Flash
    Ethernet MAC & PHY yes
    External I/Os  
    System Clock 72MHz
    USB 1x MiniUSB-A Host
    1x MiniUSB-B Device
    Integrated Power Supply Input: 5V or 7...24V (selectable)
    Output: 3.3V
    Mechanical Dimensions 44 x 41mm
    BTB Connectors 2x Hirose FX10 80 pin
    2x Hirose FX10 100 pin
     Order Number  ZARM7-nano


    Block Diagram




    • nano Baseboard
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